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Reflections from Winter Storm Uri - Julia

Updated: Feb 27, 2021

As a youth-founded organization, HYCS aims to combat the lack of intersectionality in the environmental movement by focusing on the experiences of our community, especially Houstonian youth. The events of Uri, the North American 2021 winter storm that shut down Texas' ERCOT power grid and killed at least 22 Houstonians, has further highlighted the necessity of communal storytelling. Thus, Stories from a City of Storms was born.

Through this series, we will amplify the voices of fellow community members who are facing the effects of climate change, environmental racism, and other environmental injustices to inspire solidarity and collective action. For our first story, hear from one of HYCS's general coordinators, Julia, who filmed her reflections on the climate crisis facing our community in the midst of a power outage. Watch the video below.

Thank you Julia for allowing us to republish your video from Now This Earth.

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